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PUCS Sleeve

PUCS Sleeve

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Package includes 8 PUCS with pad covers, and no accessories.  Accessories can be purchased separately here:


The Official Board Stabilization Partner of the American Cornhole League, ACL, as seen on EPSN and CBS broadcasts.

The Peak Ultimate Cornhole System

PUCS: The Peak Ultimate Cornhole System for Stable and Level Boards If you love playing cornhole, you know how frustrating it can be when your boards slide, tilt or get scratched. That’s why you need PUCS: the Peak Ultimate Cornhole System. PUCS is a unique system that stabilizes, levels and protects your cornhole boards from any surface. With PUCS, you can enjoy a smooth and consistent game play without worrying about your boards moving or getting damaged. PUCS is easy to install and compatible with any standard cornhole board. Whether you play indoors or outdoors, on grass or concrete, PUCS will keep your boards in peak condition and performance. Don’t let your boards distances and alignment ruin your game - get PUCS today and experience the ultimate cornhole system!




PUCS 3-in-1-stabilization system was created for use on most flooring surfaces including concrete, tile, wood, linoleum, asphalt, and board mats. Always ensure that the playing area is clean and free of debris. When in doubt, clean the playing area!
PUCS Stakes are for use in grass and dirt. WARNING - stakes are sharp and should be kept away from children. Ensure stakes are installed properly and placed in a safe place when not in use to prevent harm to yourself or others.
PUCS Turf Cleats are for use on artificial turf and thick carpet. WARNING - turf cleats are sharp and should be kept away from children. Ensure turf cleats are installed properly and placed in a safe place when not in use to prevent harm to yourself or others.
PUCS Shims - For best results, we recommended installing no more than four shims per corner for the low side of the boards. Level up!
PUCS gel adhesive may begin to lose its stickiness after multiple uses. When this happens, rinse with water and rub to remove any excess debris. IMPORTANT - Do not use soap or ANY type of detergent or chemicals on the PUCS gel. Using anything other than water may permanently remove the stickiness from the PUCS. Let your PUCS completely dry and apply to boards.
PUCS Removal - Pull gently and upward from the corner loop. This will minimize the chance of the gel pad remaining on the play surface during removal. The adhesive gel pads on PUCS are not glued to the base and are designed to break away for the safety of the playing surface. If a gel pad remains on the playing surface, simply peel the gel pad from the corner and re-attach to the base of your PUCS
Storage - When PUCS are not in use; remember to adhere the PUCS Protective Covers to the gel pads for maximum life of the product.
Welcome to TEAM PUCS! Now that your boards are locked and level, you can focus on your game. Please refer to for more detailed information and step-by-step installation.





"This is the first thing that WORKED to keep the boards in my practice facility in place, and I have tried a lot. No movement of the boards, and no readjusting needed. WORTH EVERY PENNY."

   --Trey Burchfield, ACL Pro 

"Since I’ve installed the PUCS, my boards haven’t moved. Installation took less than 2 minutes, and I haven't had to touch them after several weeks of continuous playing!"

"PUCS have eliminated the hassle of adjusting the boards, and now I can just concentrate on throwing bags."

"I love them!

ACL Pro Doug Zaft on PUCS

  --Doug Zafft, ACL Pro

"PUCS have been holding the boards in my garage for 3 months and have literally not moved one time."

"The development of PUCS has changed the face of cornhole"

   --Ty Lopez, ACL Pro

"I personally love my set, and highly recommend them to anyone who owns boards! PUCS will be the most popular thing on the market once they drop."

ACL Pro Jay Rubin on PUCS

   --Jay Rubin, ACL Pro

"Maintaining regulation board distance is important to me, and given a choice I will always choose a board with PUCS installed."

ACL Pro James Baldwin on PUCS

   --James Baldwin, ACL Pro

"10 out of 10! Highly recommended, I got tired of my boards moving every throw. With my PUCS they don't move."

ACL Pro Noah Wooten on PUCS

    --Noah Wooten, ACL Pro

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